September 23, 2010

Board members take tiny steps toward bond issue

Board members take tiny steps toward bond issue

Although almost a million dollars have been spent on improvements to the Garrison schools in the past few years, a committee of board members and faculty made plans Tuesday evening for more projects.
Everything from roofs to storage units were on the agenda of a committee of board members Jerry Sayler, Bonnie Nygard, Penny Styron and staff Doug Gienger, head custodian, and Steve Brannan, superintendent. Topics ranged from improvements to the junior high football locker room, the green house, the weight room and how to free up more space in the elementary school.
The three board members liked the idea of moving ahead with a high school building expansion project, although they didn’t want to proceed without some confidence that a bond issue would be approved.
Sayler wished aloud that the community could be surveyed. “Can we ask the community what they think of this before we go ahead and spend the money on the architect and … spend all this time and money for nothing?”

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