November 19, 2014

Bond issue not dead


New date being considered


The wheels have begun turning to have another bond election – soon.

At their meeting Tuesday night, Garrison School Board members learned in a report from legal counsel, Scott Wegner of Arntson Stewart Wegner PC, Bismarck, that in Century Code, the district has the flexibility to hold another bond election as soon as Feb. 5.

The verbiage points out the district must wait at least 90 days, and cannot have more than two votes in one calendar year time frame. In the most recent vote, Nov. 4, the bond failed to attain the state required 60 percent approval by eight votes, garnering a 59.06 approval rating.

Hearing that a new vote can be taken, board members jumped at the opportunity. Board President Rodger Affeldt told members: "If we are going to do this, we’d better do it sooner than later."

Janice Katin, board member agreed: "I think we are too close to give up now. It’s fresh in everybody’s mind."

Moving full speed ahead, the board agreed to proceed bringing the issue before voters once again.

"It shows our persistence. We aren’t going to let it die," added fellow board member Jon Frost.

Before a definite date can be set a new bond resolution has to be made. Pulling back the reins slightly, the board agreed to table a final "go" until the December board meeting.

"This board is committed to this project and is committed to this community," exclaimed board member Lisa Maki.

The board discussed what may have held back the most recent vote. "I had more people come up to me and one of the biggest issue was how it was worded," said Katin.

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