August 14, 2013

Bond issue resurfaces

Bond issue resurfaces
Voters decide Oct. 8


A $5 million bond issue will come before patrons of the Garrison School District Oct. 8. The proposal offers what board members consider a good bang for the buck.
During a special board meeting Monday, board members reviewed the architect’s most recent proposal. The plan, prepared by Anderson Wade & Whitty PC, calls for 6,600 square feet of new construction at the elementary school and 14,000 square feet of new construction at the high school.
The elementary school building would see four additional classrooms with restrooms nearby. The upgrade also calls for a centrally located faculty workroom with adjacent restroom facilities.
At the high school campus, plans call for a 4,000 square foot expansion of the Agriculture Education department and renovation of the existing ag education space.
Another 10,000 square feet of new construction would provide a service kitchen along with a dining/commons area and a separate addition to house the school library.
Cost to patrons
When board members discussed funding, all agreed that voters would be most interested in how a bond issue would affect their taxes. Board President Rodger Affeldt used information supplied by McLean County Auditor Les Korgel to answer that question. Affeldt referred to the information as Korgel’s “closest estimation” – assuming a tax levy of 24 mills and a bond at 4 percent interest.

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