June 27, 2018

Bond referendum voted down by 409

Administrators hung their heads in defeat as the results for the Garrison School District bond referendum election were read.
More than half of the voters checked the “no” box on the ballot Tuesday with only 47.7 percent  supporting the proposal of a combines elementary and high school. Final results were 409 to 373.
Has the bond passed, Garrison School District was to receive a referendum of $11,125,000, which is 89 percent of the $12,500,000 total building project cost.
Supt. Nick Klemisch said shortly after the election, he has mixed feelings of disgust disappointment and anger. He said one thing he is thinking about, the consensus of a good chunk of this year’s graduated seniors.
“They said if this didn’t pass they are not coming back. Why come back if they aren’t being supported?” he said. “This is slap in the face number five to them. Why come back to a community that does not support them?”
Klemisch said he is concerned for the future of Garrison if more than half do not support the school.
“We are trying to breed our own workforce here and that workforce is going to be severely depleted,” he said. “We are trying to keep up with Bismarck where they can pass a bond referendum with 80 plus percent for on a 90 million dollar. It is just hurtful for our students.”
The next step for the school is unclear, Klemisch said.

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