August 17, 2016

Bountiful bushels

So far, the hoppers are bulging at the seams. Now, if the market would show the same bullishness, producers would be grinning ear from ear.
Harvest is in full swing in central North Dakota. It began at a fast pace with peas and barley harvest nearly finished. Wheat’s about 30-40 percent complete in the Garrison area.
Prior to the recent rain, canola was just starting to come off the fields. With drier conditions this week many local producers are turning their attention to that crop.
Prices are in the tank, but on the plus side, yields and quality are excellent.
Les Olson, CEO, Plains Ag, LLC, the parent company for Northern Plains Ag, Garrison, said because of that factor, producers are optimistic.
“Those who have been harvesting, they have not been disappointed with the yields,” he said.
The important thing is to get the crop off and in the bin with a hope of higher prices down the road, or transport the grain to the terminal.

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