September 2, 2010

Break-ins reported

Break-ins reported
Douglas, Makoti hit


It was a tough week for bar owners in Douglas and Makoti. Both communities’ establishments were the target of burglars.
The most recent break-in occurred in Makoti sometime during the early morning hours Monday.
According to the Ward County Sheriff’s Department, the burglars attempted to enter the K-Bar through the back door, before deciding to enter through a window.
Initially, it was reported that nothing was missing. But taking a closer look, owner Dene Karna said a back-up cash supply had been found and was taken. He estimated that about $500, including checks, were taken.
“They didn’t take coins, just cash,” he said.
A tip jar was also damaged, but the cash box was not accessed. Karna said it’s hard to figure the burglars out.

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