July 25, 2018

Breathing life into the program

Calhouns work
to save football
Last week Garrison Schools Supt. Nick Klemisch made a disheartening announcement at the regular Chamber of Commerce meeting.
Due to numbers and age of perceptive players, Garrison Troopers Varsity Football would be no more. The Troopers would run a junior varsity schedule.
Jon and Callie Calhoun are now doing everything in their power to save Friday night football.
Hired originally as an offensive coordinator for the Trooper, Jon found out about the decision on Facebook, along with many other parents and players.
He said the next day he went down to the school and offered to take over the position of head football coach. He said the projected 15 players Klemisch spoke about at Chamber was less than half of the accurate number of players interested.
“We started trying to work with the kids the day after the announcement. I knew that was not an accurate list, just talking with the kids over the past few months,” he said. “We had a lot of interest that was not included. We currently have 33 kids who have committed to playing and another six who are on the fence.”
Jon said the list talked about at chamber was from last spring and included not interested players from Max. He said a varsity football team is beneficial to players.

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