May 16, 2018

Bringing the green back to Garrison

City, park apply for tree grant
Over the years Garrison residents mourned the loss of many trees. Main culprits for the naked boulevards and empty spaces in the parks are disease and death.
The City of Garrison and Parks and Rec. Department partnered to apply for two different grants, in hopes of bringing some trees back.
According to Chamber of Commerce Executive Committee member Bruce Schreiner, one of the grants is for the trees to be replaced on city boulevards. He said the other will replace some trees that have been lost in Wilderness Park.
The grant is facilitated through the North Dakota State University North Dakota Forest Service in conjunction with the United States Forest Service, Schreiner said.
“The grants came about in conversation at Exec. About the loss of trees. We decided to have a meeting with a forest service representative and sit down and ask some questions,” he said. “He encouraged us to go forward with the grants.”
Schreiner said the grants are matching so the city and park have to come up with some cash and in-kind labor.
“It is going to take some service hours from the park board, city and community to prepare the sites and plant the trees,” he said. “We applied to replace 40 trees on the boulevards and 20 trees in wilderness park that will be planted by volunteers, with the help of the forest service.”

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