October 9, 2013

Buckling under pressure

Street issue revisited


Deciding what to do about a section of street in Aero Park at the Garrison Airport continues to be a work in progress. The street has deteriorated due to constant heavy truck use.

The issue has been discussed twice before at a city council meeting. It was near the top of the agenda again Monday night.

"We have a big problem up there," said Ed Horn, property owner in the affected area.

Council member Marcus Matthews agreed.

"We know we do," he said. "We are looking into it."

The area in question is a loop road with a small cul-de-sac called Piper Place. A portion of the loop is zoned residential, while the remainder is classified industrial. While the street is relatively short, its use by trucks from nearby Johnny’s Ready Mix has taken a toll.

It’s not only property owners who are concerned about activity in the area. The state is also worried about runoff from the concrete business that is leeching into the ditch along N.D. Highway 37.


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