January 13, 2016


Lumberyard has new owners


A new generation is taking the helm at Garrison Lumber.

Gene and Linda Hummel have retired from the lumber business. The couple sold the lumber yard to their son, Troy, and his wife, Danielle. The sale is finalized and Troy and Danielle officially took over Jan. 1.

Gene has already relinquished the manager’s chair in favor of his son. He said now, he’s trying to wrap up the 2015 books.

"After that, I’ll be semi-retired, kind of, maybe," he said. "My plan is not to have any plans, do traveling, seeing our other kids and grand kids."

Though he’s retired, customers can still expect to see Gene at the yard from time to time.

"I’ll be here part-time and help with questions until they get a handle on it, which they pretty much already have," he said.

Gene, who’s 65, said he’s been thinking about retiring for the past couple years.

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