December 9, 2010

Bus policies under scrutiny

Bus policies under scrutiny

A few loose arrangements are slowly making their way into policy for the Garrison School District.
While it was practice to pick up some students living outside the district boundaries, the transportation committee of three board members met with bus drivers Tuesday morning to try to establish some policies.
One proposed policy is designed to accommodate students safely while not imposing driving times of longer than an hour and 15 minutes one way. The policy, which will be proposed to the full board later this month, states that non-district students will receive transportation at no cost if they reside on an established bus route and there is sufficient room on the bus. The proposed policy goes on to say that out-of-district students who do not reside on an established bus route, may be bused if there is sufficient room, the cost on the district is determined and if other students are not placed in a hardship situation or unduly inconvenienced.

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