February 14, 2018

Camp feels the generosity

For the past five years, Camp of the Cross Ministries has been working diligently to achieve the goal of a new Fellowship Center.
So far, through vigorous fundraising efforts, $2.8 million has been raised out of the $3.6 million goal.
The most recent effort was this year’s Giving Hearts Day.
On Feb 8, Giving Hearts Day is a 24-hour online giving event in North Dakota and northwest Minnesota. Last year, the camp made $100,000.
This year didn’t follow far behind with donations totaling $60,000, Camp director, Janis Sloka, said.
“It was a successful day as we continue to try to reach our goal of finishing and moving into our new Fellowship Center,” he said. “We are amazed and appreciative of the support we continue to receive.”

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