August 29, 2018

CCM fellowship center nearly ready for occupancy

CCM fellowship center nearly ready for occupancy
There wasn’t a big clap of thunder or a strike of lightning to announce that Camp of the Cross Fellowship Center is nearly ready for occupancy. But there was a sigh of satisfaction that drifted across Lake Sakakawea to rest on the building that has been more than six years in the making.
Janis Sloka, executive director, announced last week that enough money has been raised to begin holding meetings in the building.
“That’s very exciting because we need to get in the building and start using it,” he said.
The building is still under construction, but the sheet rock is complete while other work continues on the interior.
By this fall meetings and retreats will be able to use the facility, but food service will not be available from the new kitchen. Temporarily meals will be available in the current dining hall or transferred from the dining hall to the Fellowship Center, he said.

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