April 21, 2021

Chamber looks to fill Tuesday evenings

Garrison’s Chamber Executive Committee is hoping to bring some fun to Tuesday evenings throughout the summer, and opened up the idea for discussion and ideas this week. 
Nick Klemisch told attendees of Monday’s general chamber meeting that the Executive Committee is mulling over options for community events one night a week this summer. 
“We’re possibly doing Tuesday nights on Main through the summer,” Klemisch said. “Something to carry through till fall harvest.” Klemisch said evenings could consist of movies in the park, wine and craft nights or other activities.  “Individual groups would be responsible for finding entertainment,” Klemisch said.  He said the events would look to help businesses recoup losses from the 2020 Dickens Festival being canceled, and to bring some fun to Garrison weekday evenings.  The events would be set for every other Tuesday starting in June, with off weeks reserved for make-up days in the event of weather-related cancelations.  The chamber is looking for groups interested in planning an evening. Any interested parties can contact Brooke Walter with the Chamber. 

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