March 25, 2020

Cities react to VIRUS


Max and Garrison city officials both held emergency meeting to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic. Both towns touched on similar subjects: city offices, library and food pantries.

Max City Council
Max city officials decided March 19 to wait on declaring an emergency at this time, although they are keeping the option open.
“As of now I think we are covered by the county (McLean),” Max Mayor Robert Boedicker.
The council will revisit the emergency declaration next week as am option. 
“I’d like to see the community try to keep coming into Kristie’s (Narum) office as much as possible,” Boedicker said.
Residents are asked to call to set up appointments with Narum at the City Auditor’s Office  (701) 679-2770.
There will be hand sanitizer at the door to use before going in and after they leave. 
“I would take that table and set it in there and say your limit is here to keep your six foot space,”councilwoman Nancy Gullickson.
“I’ve also been wiping things down like three times a day already,” Narum said.
As of now the library will remain open with limited hours to help accommodate students without internet access in their homes.
“I realize we have kids wanting to come in and use that stuff (internet) but is that something, or if we don’t want to do it now it’s something to keep in mind (closing the library),” Councilman Randy Swanson said. 
Gullickson said, "We said stay open at your discretion, or at least keep the door closed so if someone wants to come it they can knock.”
The council made the decision to let groups who were h

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