June 18, 2009

Cities to see valuation increase

Cities to see valuation increase
The McLean County Board of Equalization is scheduled to meet in commission chambers in Washburn on Monday at 11 a.m.
When the board meets it will have a number of recommendations to consider – municipal, commercial, agricultural and townships. The recommendations are from Equalization Director Lauren Hunze. One of those recommendations will directly affect the residents of Garrison.
Hunze will recommend to the board that residential values in Garrison be returned to the original value as presented by City Assessor Fay Horn at the April Garrison City Council Board of Equalization meeting. The recommendation will be that residential property values increase an average of 13.9 percent. At the April city council meeting aldermen turned down the proposed increase. The next step is to the county level.
But Garrison residents will not be alone. Wilton residents will have to brace for a 15 percent increase for all lots and structures. Turtle Lake residents can expect a 5 percent rise in property valuations. Residents in Horseshoe Valley, Otis, St. Mary and Wise Townships can brace for a 25 percent increase in valuations, while residents in other unorganized townships and organized townships (excluding Victoria and Snow) can anticipate 20 percent valuation increases.
Hunze also recommends that commercial property valuation for 2009 also increase. Commercial property in Benedict, Butte, Coleharbor, Mercer, Underwood, Washburn and Wilton could see increases of up to 20 percent. A 20 percent increase will also be recommended for all commercial lots and structures in all McLean County townships within the second and third commission districts (Garrison and Turtle Lake areas). The change will not affect Longfellow Township or Township 146-18.

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