May 7, 2014

City cleanup to be self-service


Free dumping Saturday and May 17


The City of Garrison will be offering free dumping in lieu of a citywide cleanup.

At Monday’s council meeting, members of the Garrison Chamber of Commerce’s Executive Committee discussed offering free dumping for a couple days. Council members were OK with the suggestion. Dates will be Saturday and May 17 with a rain day set for May 31 if Saturday or the 17th is washed out.

The free dumping is limited to city residents. Contractors and those outside city limits will be charged the regular rates, city officials said. Paul Schlichting, executive committee member, said there’s just not enough resources or manpower to conduct a city cleanup. "We aren’t going to do it," said executive committee member Sarah Chase.

Last year, rain continually postponed cleanup to where it became too overwhelming and some residents continued to pile garbage on the curb, which became rain-soaked and moldy. "It was abused … badly," said Alderman Chad Betz.

In the end the council and chamber opted to open the landfill and allow people to transport their own refuse.

Hauling guidelines

City officials remind that there are limitations as to what is accepted at the landfill. If tires, appliances, and electronics are brought during the free dumping days there will be a charge for these items.

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