October 6, 2011

City paves way for more street funding

City paves way for more street funding

It’s time to keep the streets in Garrison top priority. That’s why Garrison City council members decided Monday night to increase the amount budgeted for street repairs in the general fund from $52,000 to $77,000 – an increase of $25,000, or a jump of about 32 percent.
Every little bit helps. This year, with the abundance of repairs and overlays, the cost was $110,000.
“I think that’s a great idea because we just band-aided things this year,” exclaimed Alderman Chad Betz.
The change would bring the general fund mill levy to 34.50, making the total city mill rate 60.65, said Auditor Diane Affeldt. The change would mean a decrease of 7.12 mills instead of 16.19. Last year’s mill rate was 67.77.
Broader city limits
Garrison city limits are expanding – sort of.
At the meeting, council members extended their authority to one mile around the city, increasing it from the current ½-mile.
“After touring oil country, I would definitely recommend going to a mile,” said Alderman Chris Gratton.
It would take two readings to change the ordinance.

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