May 24, 2012

City zoning sets limits

City zoning sets limits

Editor’s Note: This is the second in a series on high priced offers to rent housing in a tight market. Next week’s story will include information on the county ordinances and information on septic and sewer systems.
Sometimes falling victim to big dollar signs can lead to violations and fines.
That could be the case if a Garrison homeowner is renting, without a conditional use permit, to multiple unrelated people in the Garrison city limits.
The city zoning ordinance allows for single-family or multi-family dwellings.
Single-family dwellings are owned and intended for one or more persons occupying the home as a single housekeeping unit, not as a boarding house, hotel or motel, according to the city ordinances. Garrison city officials are expected to take a look at the zoning ordinances in the coming months.
Mike Matteson, Garrison realtor, said the majority of the ordinances in Garrison are zoned as single family lots. Single family lots do not allow mobile homes to be placed on them; only stick built homes, modular homes or manufactured homes with permanent foundations. Some lots are zoned multi-family (homes, apartments, townhomes, etc.) where more than one family resides. Homes zoned as multi-family typically have an apartment in the basement or other part of the home.
Lots that allow mobile homes are zoned as mobile home lots, recreational zoning allows for seasonal camper use.
If a seller or buyer wants to apply for rezoning or file for a temporary conditional use permit, he or she must file a request with the city planning and zoning committee, neighbors in or near the property are notified of the request and a notice is in the newspaper.
Matteson said, “With the tight supply of housing, sometimes it sounds like a great idea to help out a young teacher or local worker by renting out a basement apartment. This was very common back when the dam was constructed.”

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