February 22, 2017

Coming to an end

CANDISC tour  to be last one
After 25 years of the Cycling Around North Dakota in Sakakawea Country tour, this year will be its last.
“This is the grand finale tour for CANDISC,” Convention and Visitor’s Bureau Director McKaila Matteson told Chamber of Commerce members Monday. “This will be the final year. We have had a really great run.”
Being a mile-marker year at 25, Matteson and the organizer or CANDISC, Dick Messerly, believe it is a good place to end the tour with a “bang.”
“One of our biggest concerns is volunteers,” Matteson said. “It takes two months to get ready for the tour and to finish up.”
She explained eight people used to go on the tour and help her and Messerly and now they do it alone.
“From dawn until dusk we are working, it is very exhausting,” she said. “Our host community volunteers are not as active anymore, also. It’s really tough to get those communities on board so we have been having a tough time for a couple years.”

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