September 27, 2012

Controlled burn policy explained

Controlled burn policy explained

Dry and windy – it’s a perfect combination for fires to quickly spread out of control. Bruce Schreiner, Garrison fire chief, said the situation is critical.
“As dry as it is, and if we continue having winds, conditions will continue,” he said. “It doesn’t take long for something to blow up.”
Dry conditions, coupled with wind, played a part in a fire Sept. 19, just south of Garrison. The blaze, near North Shore Inn & Suites, ignited from a spark emitted while crews were replacing railroad track.
Schreiner said, “Nothing was done wrong, but what they were doing in those conditions (winds in excess of 40 mph) without watering it down ….”
With conditions that can cause even controlled burns to become wild, Richard Johnson, McLean County E-911 coordinator, provided several safety tips.

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