January 26, 2012

Convert to digital or close

Convert to digital or close
Theater being forced to choose

It began with silent movies, then came “talkies.” Black and white became color. Now, the days of a projector and film in the movie theater business are numbered. The digital age is here, and it’s either hop on board or be left on the cutting room floor.
The motion picture industry is converting from film to digital.
It’s going to cost the Sakakawea Area Council for the Arts, operators of the Kota Theater, a pretty penny to keep up with the industry. It’s either convert to digital or shutter the doors, and SACA members say that’s not going to happen.
The cost to keep up with the ever-changing field of technology is steep. Converting to digital will be a major financial undertaking. Now, take a deep breath – try $75,000 worth of an undertaking for the arts council.
You can breathe now.
SACA President Rev. Dick Hendrickson stated the plain facts: “If we don’t go to digital, we don’t show movies … somehow we have to come up with this money.”
Hendrickson, who is also on the film committee, said members have known the end of the film era would be coming for some time. It’s been talked about in the industry for five years.

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