January 12, 2012

Council extends its jurisdiction

Council extends its jurisdiction

The City of Garrison’s reach just got a little broader.
At its regular monthly meeting Jan. 3, council members met with McLean County officials to discuss the process to expand zoning regulations. The two entities reviewed existing zoning rules, regulations, and restrictions now in place.
The new ordinance extends the city’s zoning regulations to any quarter section located within one mile of the corporate limits of the City of Garrison. Zoning parameters now extend ½-mile.
The matter has been on the table for a few months. In November, the council changed parameters, extending its authority to two miles. But Century Code says that due to its size of the city’s zoning authority can only be one mile.
City officials say the reason to extend the boundaries is to control what is happening or will happen in regard to growth on the parameters around Garrison; though the city’s growth is somewhat restricted with the lake to the south, ag and airport to the west, and minimal development area to the north and east.

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