October 18, 2017

Counterfeit money turning up

Businesses and area residents are being put on notice that they should be diligent when checking the legality of their money, no matter what denomination.
Officials at Garrison State Bank & Trust were notified that a Garrison business had received a counterfeit $100 bill.
The matter and the bill was turned over to McLean County authorities.
Mike Youngs, vice president at Garrison State Bank & Trust, said the fake bill was caught by the business and taken to the bank Oct. 11.
He said it took a keen eye to determine the bill was not authentic.
“It was a good one,” he said. “If you were a busy clerk it would have been easily missed.”
Youngs said the typical way a counterfeit bill is passed is the customer buys small items so as to get a lot of change back in the transaction.
Youngs said if the fake bill is not caught the store not only loses out on $100, but also the merchandise that was purchased.

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