January 14, 2015

Counterfeit money turns up in Garrison



Counterfeit money has been showing up in the Garrison area.

McLean County Sheriff’s Department officials received the most recent report this past Friday.

The small denomination counterfeit bill was discovered by Garrison State Bank & Trust officials in a bank deposit from Krause’s Market. The bill had been taken this past Thursday and was discovered by bank officials the next day.

The bank also discovered a counterfeit small denomination bill in late December.

A third report of counterfeit money was reported by the Hunter’s Bar & Grill. That came in early December.

McLean County authorities ask business owners or cashiers to, when receiving a bill, observe its appearance. "Check how the bill looks, how it feels … make sure it has all the security (markings) in tact. Feel of them and look for the holograms, security strips and water marks. They are very difficult to duplicate," said McLean County Detective Sam Lincoln.

He went on to tell people who accept money at a business: "We are asking them to examine their money more closely. If a business place has any concern about a bill, contact a bank immediately. They can tell if a bill is real or not. They will help you."

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