January 27, 2016

County ag show time


There’s going to be something for everybody at this year’s Garrison FFA’s McLean County Ag Show.

The event is Wednesday, Feb. 3 at Garrison High School.

Ag Show Chairman Bree Diffely said there are numerous reasons to attend.

"If you are a farmer and you are looking for a seed dealer or a fertilizer dealer, or someone to help you with your soil needs, or if you are a community member, say you want to come visit the Benedictine Living Center booth or the S&J Hardware booth … the ag show is for you."

Over the years, attendance has seen a cross section of people attend from the area.

"We have a wide variety of people who come," she said. "We try not to make it just ag, we want to make it interesting for anybody. You can find out more about your local businesses or you can find out about ag, the whole purpose of an ag show."

Diffely said this year’s lineup of speakers includes Justin Zahradka, 2015 National FFA Star in Agriscience.

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