April 14, 2011

County declares flood emergency

County declares flood emergency
By Michael Johnson
BHG News Service

Issues of flooding in the county has led to McLean County Commissioners declaring a flood emergency.
Due to the high moisture levels, the potential for severe spring flooding is significant. The county anticipates that it may not have the funds to pay for the damages to public and private property so officials declared a state of emergency April 5 to order the activation and utilization of the City and County Emergency Operations Plans to limit the impact of the emergency upon the county.
The emergencies at hand were clear as a Garrison group visited the commission in regards to flooding near the Garrison Golf Course. Norbert Schlichting and David Rensch came to share concerns of the golf course board.
Rensch explained that they have been losing ground to the water. He wanted it to be known that the issues of flooding were not due to changes made by the golf course. Shannon Jeffers of the county water board explained how they plan to alleviate problems with the water by pumping water from the area. Jeffers has been all over the county seeing issues of flooding. He explained that the issue was widespread.

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