January 10, 2018

County fatalities down by 50 percent

Motor vehicle deaths drop from six in 2016 to three in 2017
BHG News Service
McLean County drivers seemed to navigate safely from Point A to Point B more frequently over the last year, as local authorities report a drop in both motor vehicle accidents and associated fatalities in 2017.
According to statistics provided by the McLean County Sheriff’s Department, the rate of fatal motor vehicle accidents in the county was cut in half from 2016 to 2017, with the number dropping from six to three.
McLean County Sheriff J.R. Kerzmann said he couldn’t identify any clear factors that contributed to the drop in deadly accidents, but that it was good to see fewer of them.
“It’s a good statistic to see and something we hope to see continue to get lower,” Kerzmann said.
McLean County has been in the top ten for deadly counties in North Dakota for several years, but the 2017 numbers may have dropped the area off of the list. Final reports for fatal accidents statewide have not yet been released.

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