March 11, 2015

County gets $3.6 million in Surge funds for county roads

By Suzanne Werre

BHG News Service

McLean County has been allocated $3.6 million from the recently passed Surge Bill (SB 2103) in the Legislature, which is good, because there are plenty of roads that are in need of repair.

It was noted that the Surge Funds can only be used for roads that are part of the County Major Collector (CMC) system.

Wold Engineering representatives Ron Wagner and Doug Rivinius presented plans for projects that could be funded with the Surge funds, including an area of County Road 2 located 5.5 miles south of Ryder.

The project would include spot subgrade repairs and aggregate surfacing for 11 miles at a cost of $825,000. It would tie into North Dakota State Highway 37/1804 to the east end, where it ties into Highway 28.

The second project involves county road 23, located 4.5 miles south of Benedict and would include spot subgrade repair and aggregate resurfacing for eight miles, at a cost of $600,000.

It was noted that the first phase, the north four miles, has been graveled as a missile road gravel project, and the remaining 14 miles will be graveled in the future. The total cost of both projects is $1.4 million, which leaves the county $2.2 remaining in Surge funds.

The board approved the funding for the repairs and resurfacing of County Roads 2 and 23 using Surge funding.

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