December 18, 2013

County law enforcement going high tech


The McLean County Sheriff’s Department will soon have state and federal policies at its fingertip.

Tuesday, Sheriff Don Charging and Captain Curt Olson met with commissioners to request the county come on board in implementing a web-based policy manual called.

The Lexipol Law Enforcement Policy Manual has more than 140 policies based on federal and state laws, regulations and practices.

Charging and Olson explained that the manual is written by legal and law enforcement professionals who monitor major court decisions, legislation and emerging trends affecting law enforcement operations.

The department has its own policy and procedures manual. Charging said, "This will give us so much more info and keep us more abreast of things. It is also endorsed by the state."

Olson added; "There may be benefits toward risk management, too."

The program offers training sessions that could be viewed by deputies in their patrol cars, thus eliminating taking an officer off the street. The training could also be monitored by sheriff’s department officials.

The cost for the program is $6,000 the first year, but is fully reimbursable through the state attorney general’s office, the officers said. The annual fee for each successive year is $2,650. The two said county has been pre-approved for the first year.

The web-based policy manual is state-specific, customizable and allows cross-referencing to any accreditation standard. Lexipol provides regular updates.


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