February 28, 2013

County officials discuss zoning change

County officials discuss zoning change

While one county commissioner, Pam Link, attended a public hearing in Washburn to discuss proposed zoning changes, Commissioners Steve Lee and Barry Suydam were in Garrison to discuss the same proposals and other county issues. Auditor Les Korgel also attended Monday’s meeting with the Garrison Chamber of Commerce’s Governmental Affairs Committee.
Noting that information contained in a “citizen alert” ad in county papers last week was misleading, Lee, Suydam and Korgel explained provisions of the proposed zoning changes.
While the ad, paid for by “Concerned Citizens of McLean County,” said the proposed changes would allow hazardous nuclear waste to be buried in the county, the three county officials stressed that was not true. They explained that the proposed changes give the county greater authority to regulate what happens in the county. As for nuclear waste disposal, Korgel offered a firm, “It’s not going to happen.”
Regarding other information, apparently being promoted by the same group of individuals, Lee said, “I think there’s a lot of misinformation out there.”

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