December 29, 2011

County opts for voting centers

County opts for voting centers

McLean County voters will have a choice when it comes to where they vote in upcoming elections.
At their meeting Dec. 20, county commissioners established seven voting centers across the county. The centers will be in Washburn, Wilton, Max, Garrison, Underwood, Mercer and Turtle Lake.
Commissioners also chose to divide the county into three precincts. Those precincts include all of Legislative District 4 and a majority of District 8. The new arrangement will include a precinct and polling place in White Shield.
The North Dakota Legislature drew legislative boundaries during a special session in November. The redraw affected portions of McLean County. Legislative boundary lines were changed for District 8 and 4. That change forced the county to change its election precincts. State law says there can’t be two legislative districts in the same precinct. Unfortunately, that’s the case in the Garrison District, which is now divided between District 4 and 8.

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