February 4, 2015

County schools not in favor of concealed carry bill


By Suzanne Werre

BHG News Service

If a bill that was recently approved by the North Dakota House of Representatives (HB1215) passes through the Senate, and then is signed by the governor, the bill would allow people with a Class I concealed carry permit to have a gun on school grounds, if approved by the local school board.

While the bill’s intent is clear – to prevent someone from coming into the school with a weapon of their own and taking the lives of students and/or staff within the school – area administrators are not in favor of the bill.

"I don’t feel really comfortable carrying weapons . . . particularly in a school our size," commented Underwood Principal Lee Weisgarber. "I don’t see the need for it."

Garrison’s superintendent Steve Brannan and Washburn’s Brad Rinas agreed wholeheartedly.

"I have a hunting and outdoors background, so I really understand some people would feel very comfortable with that," said Brannan. "I would not.

"I would totally support a resource officer, and that person having that ability."

"Our school employees have got their hands full with the kids and all of their needs," he added.

Weisgarber agreed. He would be in favor of a resource officer, one that would serve the schools throughout the county.

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