March 25, 2015

County to do Garrison assessments


By Suzanne Werre

BHG News Service

The county commissioners agreed at last Tuesday’s regular meeting that the county will do the assessments on Garrison’s commercial properties per a recent email request from the city, but they want to be sure Garrison knows it is going to have to pay for the assessments.

"It’s kind of late in the ball game to be requesting our services," commented County Auditor Les Korgel, but it will now be the county’s responsibility.

"The timing wasn’t very good," added County Director of Tax Equalization’s Todd Schreiner. "I have one assistant and one assessor to go and do that."

He noted, however, that it is mandated by law that the county do the assessments if the city says it can’t or won’t get it done.

Very little of the commercial property in Garrison is in the county’s Vangard system, so those would need to be reassessed, and a lot of the residential assessments aren’t accurate, noted Schreiner.

"The commercial obviously needs to be reassessed," commented commissioner Steve Lee.

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