December 2, 2015

Couple gets engaged during Dickens Festival


It was a cold, crisp, biting day, inches of snow on the ground, a day deep in November.

But for Curt and Katie Olson, it didn’t matter. For all that mattered was the love in their heart for each other.

It was Nov. 28 during last year’s Dickens Village Festival that Curt proposed to Katie Buresh. The location – Garrison City Park near Wally Walleye.

Curt said he’d had been planning the engagement for about a month. Originally, it was to be in the horse and carriage, but that failed to materialize.

Making an excuse to drive downtown, Curt took Katie to the lighted tree behind Wally. The two remember it was about the time the SACA play began at the Kota Theater. It was dark and cold, but the the proposal warmed the night.

"It was a very magical evening," she said. "I loved the surroundings. It was the perfect place to ask me."

Did Curt get on bended knee to propose? Not on your life.

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