February 14, 2013

Courthouse demolition weeks away

Courthouse demolition weeks away
$1.17 million project starting soon
By Michael Johnson
BHG News Service

District Court Judge Lawrence Jahnke answered the hopes of McLean County commissioners by lifting a temporary injunction last Thursday. The injunction was stopping the commission from moving forward with action to demolish the historic county courthouse.
Jahnke noted in his opinion that the McLean County commissioners were well within their authority to proceed with demolition  following proper notification of the North Dakota State Historical Society. Since notifying the Historical Society in 2010, no evidence was ever given that showed the group objected to the demolition.
Jahnke also notes that the commissioners acted out of concern for the well-being of employees in deciding to remove employees and shut down the old portions of the courthouse.
“It’s not this court’s function at this juncture to second guess that determination or to re-evaluate the evidence upon which it based its decision,” Janhke wrote.
Jahnke also addressed the accusation that the public was not properly notified.
“Plaintiff’s claim of lack of notice to the public is without merit,” he wrote.

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