February 3, 2016

Department threatens to cut fire protection

White Shield Segment rep assures payment


The Garrison Rural Fire Protection District (GRFPD) is threatening to pull its coverage of Three Affiliated Tribes property in the White Shield area if it does not get paid.

At the district’s meeting Jan. 26, board members said enough is enough. Members voted unanimously that if payment isn’t made in 30 days from that date, coverage will cease.

The board said it is unknown how many homes will be affected.

The action would not affect the White Shield School and Fort Berthold Housing. Both those entities have paid their dues and are current.

The lone holdout is Three Affiliated Tribes. It’s delinquent in its 2015 fee, and statements have been sent for 2016 coverage. As of Tuesday, payments have not been received. The amount due is $10,815.35.

Learning that the 2015 payment hasn’t been made, the board agreed: If there is no payment there will be no coverage.

Board members said they wonder why the White Shield community would allow this to happen. Board members agree, delinquency has gone on too long.

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