February 2, 2012

Development concerns township

Development concerns township
Potential owners assure no man camp
BHG News Service

Three residents from the northwest portion of the county visited county commissioners during the last regular commission meeting with a concern that a development was coming into their area.
The three, Robert Diffely, Eugene Myers and Dwight Johnson, are township board members from Amundsville Township.
The men had heard of a property purchase, the desire to build a commercial property and that the buyer paid an exuberant amount for property far from other developments. It raised eyebrows for the township members.
Brian and Melanie Hicks, DBA as H&C Trucking, Inc., a firm based in Missouri, is requesting a zoning change from agricultural to commercial for a tract of land described as Outlot A in the SW ¼ of Section 34, Twp. 150 Range 88 west. The couple plans to build a truck storage/repair facility and housing for their employees.
Melanie Hicks said she wanted to put fears to rest, saying H&C wants to do things right. She said there’s no truth to the rumor a man camp is planned.

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