December 4, 2008

Dickens Festival

Dickens Festival

resumes Friday


After a busy Thanksgiving weekend, the Garrison community is gearing up for the second chapter of its 2008 Dickens Village Festival.

And, if this weekend’s event goes as well as the previous one, there should be plenty of smiles to go around.

Friday and Saturday were busy as residents and visitors descended on Main Street to take in the festival. Sunday, true to tradition, was slower-paced with fewer people out and about.

Visitors seemed to enjoy the event and many shared positive comments about the community’s hospitality. One such comment came from Terry Stephens, a repeat Dickens guest from Grand Rapids, Minn. Stephens said, "I am so impressed by Garrison and whoever comes up with a different rendition of ‘A Christmas Carol’ each year." Stephens was referring to theatrical performances that are presented by the Sakakawea Area Council for the Arts. Each year, the group produces a different version of the classic tale by Charles Dickens.

"It’s always a marvelous cast," Stephens said. He noted that he and his family also enjoy the double-deck Queen Elizabus. "And," he added, "we wouldn’t miss the food!"

This year’s production, written and directed by SACA member Mike Youngs, played to sold-out audiences Friday and Saturday. Those who attended Sunday’s special Christmas concerts gave rave reviews. The concert featured the Dixie Cups, a trio of women from eastern North Dakota.

At the conclusion of the weekend, Garrison merchants were a bit tired, but happy. Those who were contacted all reported good sales. A spokesman for the English High Tea at First Congregational Church, UCC, also reported a successful first weekend.

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