June 13, 2018

Dishing out the dough for protection



Garrison’s City Council recently voted to renew the police contract it has with McLean County for approximately $158,000. Garrison will pay the county approximately $3,000 more this year than last, or about two percent more.

McLean County Auditor Les Korgel said the City of Garrison is getting a good deal.

“Garrison is getting a darn low price for police protection per year compared to many other cities,” he said. “The City of Bottineau is paying their county approximately $600,000 for police protection, and the City of Velva is paying quite a bit, as well.”

City Auditor Diane Affeldt said the city council doesn’t get a final breakdown of the cost to the county.

“We just get the contract,” she said.

“The county charges strictly on a starting deputy’s salary or roughly $80,000,” he said. “Garrison, right now, is paying for 7,103 hours of service a year at $158,000, with no cost on benefits, vehicle cost, gas, training, weapons, transport of prisoners or jail time.”

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