June 3, 2010

Douglas Creek Resort proposed

Douglas Creek Resort proposed

If plans proceed as hoped, a Minot couple could develop a resort on the creek side of Douglas Bay.
Billy and Kristi Schindler, Minot, attended the May 24 McLean County Commission meeting to ask commissioners to support their proposal.
Support, they said, would involve the county acting as a “third party” by leasing the land from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Ladd Erickson, McLean County states attorney, said the arrangement would have to specify that the county would not be an obligator – (financially responsible for the project).
Commissioner Julie Hudson-Schenfisch said she had concerns about finances if the proposed project should fail. She asked, “Who would be responsible for debt?” Commissioner Ron Krebsbach added, “… in case of not completing the project?”
Erickson told the couple, “We (county) can’t be in a business to subsidize a private business … contractors have to understand that the county would not be liable for the costs.”
Billy Schindler responded, “We understand that.” He said he and his wife would be backed financially by investors and by their own equity. He said, “Our commitment is reinvestment of money generated.”

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