July 27, 2016

Dressing up for school


With school bells set to ring in less than a month school officials at Garrison say they are about ready to welcome students back from their summer vacation.

At their meeting last week, board members toured the high school to see what improvements have been made.

Hallways throughout the high school have been painted, and the gym received a new coat of paint. Incidentals remain to be added in the gym.

A portion of the exterior of the high school received a new coat of paint to match the rest of the building.

At the elementary school, with remodeling, Principal Shelley Fuller will have a larger office. The library, which was on the main floor, is relocated to the upper level and the fourth grade class moved to a portion of the library.

"Moving the library will allow us to have a computer lab once again, while making two equal-sized classrooms where the library was," said Superintendent Nick Klemisch.

With the school’s fiscal year ending June 30, the board conducts its annual meeting in July. At that meeting, the board:

•Welcomed John Crawford to the board, administering the oath of office. The board also said farewell to Carl Young.

•Re-elected Rodger Affeldt board president. Elected vice president is Lisa Maki.

•Designated Garrison State Bank & Trust and BNC National Bank as official depositories for school funds and pledge of securities.

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