May 14, 2014

Drug dogs making a difference



Drug dogs are well worth their bark and are taking a bite out of crime in the county. That’s the opinion of deputies of the McLean County Sheriff’s Department.

This past week, Chief Deputy JR Kerzmann updated commissioners on the value of the drug dogs in the county. At the April 15 meeting, commissioners questioned the need for another K-9 unit.

Presently, there are three drug dogs throughout the county. The sheriff’s department would like to add another.

Kerzmann said the county has a reputation. "It’s called the gauntlet," he said, as drug runners have to travel through the county to get to the oil fields.

Drug dogs are worth the cost, said Sheriff Don Charging. Kerzmann is a certified K-9 trainer. That cuts down on the expense, Charging told the commission. "We are fortunate to do this training in house," said Commissioner Steve Lee.

The department is seeing more meth cases than marijuana. Presenting a breakdown of what has taken place so far this year, Charging said from Jan. 1 to May 1 there have been 62 drug arrests or cases in McLean County.

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