December 15, 2011

Election process change considered

Election process change considered
Decision to be made Tuesday

What should they do?
McLean County Commissioners gathered input from residents during a hearing Dec. 6 regarding consolidation and reorganization of election precincts in the county. Various scenarios were discussed, but no formal proposal was adopted. The final decision will be made Tuesday.
On example that rankled some feathers – especially some in Underwood – had voting centers in Max, Garrison, Washburn and Turtle Lake.
“I think there are a lot of unhappy people in Underwood,” District 8 Sen. Layton Freborg, R-Underwood told commissioners. He said he fears people would stay home rather than travel a distance to vote.
County officials clarified after the meeting that was only used as an example, and not a formal proposal. A scenario suggested by Daryl Lies of Douglas and favored by a majority of those at the commission meeting would include vote by mail with creation of five to seven voting centers. The sites could include Max, Garrison, Turtle Lake, Underwood, Washburn, Wilton and a precinct in White Shield.

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