January 7, 2015

Elevator addressing grain dust problem


A handful of complaints about dust being emitted from the new CHS Garrison Regional Terminal has elevator officials diligently looking at options to resolve the problem.

Being proactive, CHS Garrison Manager Chris Gratton attended Monday’s Garrison City Council meeting.

"I know it’s been an issue," Gratton told the board.

The biggest issue is loading out dust and screening trucks.

"The day-to-day operations of our facility is cleaner than ever before," Gratton said. "in order to make this happen we have installed a cleaning system that collects all the dust and chaff as trucks dump and when we move grain around. This dust goes into a dust/screenings bin that eventually will fill. When that is full we need to load out trucks to make more room in that bin. This is a dusty process but it is what we are trying to tweak in order to minimize the issue. We do this once to twice in a busy month but not as often in the slow months."

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