September 7, 2016

Enrollment remains steady

Editor’s note: Sooz Werre contributed to this article.
Steady stays the course for schools throughout McLean County.
Area schools are in session, and in most cases, school officials report consistent or near consistent enrollment numbers from this spring.
Districts seeing an increase were Turtle Lake, Washburn and Garrison.
Districts that saw a decline are White Shield, Underwood, Max and Wilton.
School officials note there are many variables involved in enrollment numbers, including incoming and graduating class size and the mobility of students, or students moving in and out of a district.
Enrollment for the Garrison School System stands at 419 for Pre-12, up 13 from 406 the last day of school in May.
At Bob Callies Elementary School, the present number in grades Pre-6 is 235 compared to 226 in May. The largest class is first grade at 33, followed closely by the sixth grade with 31. The smallest class at the elementary level in Garrison is fourth grade at 26.

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