September 2, 2015

Enrollments on the rise


Area schools are officially back in session. In most cases, school officials report a jump in enrollment from this spring.

Garrison, Underwood, Washburn, Wilton and Turtle Lake-Mercer all show a jump in student population from May.


Garrison is seeing a difference of 19 more students, 407, compared to the last day of school, 388.

Most of the difference is at the elementary level where the last day of school there were 214 students compared to 231 on the first day of class – an increase of 16 pupils. Principal Shelly Fuller said the change is due to the district opening up open enrollment.

"There have also been many new families who have moved into our district," she said.


School officials at Max are seeing consistent numbers coming into the new year. Last day enrollment was 197 compared to the first day of class which saw 195 students in pre-K-12.

North Shore

Fifty-four students were enrolled the first day of classes at North Shore high School in Makoti compared to this spring when the number was 53. This will be the last year of classes at North Shore High. Construction is underway on a high school addition in Plaza.

School officials said Plaza Elementary saw a big jump in enrollment, going from 68 to 86.

Turtle Lake-Mercer

School officials at Turtle Lake-Mercer report first day enrollment as 209 in grades Headstart and K-12. Of that, 19 are in Headstart.

Last day enrollment in May was 191 for Headstart-12.

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