March 15, 2017

Fan behavior comes under scrutiny

Garrison School Board looks at parent actions
The Garrison School Board is putting sportsmanship under the microscope.
At the superintendent evaluation March 8, Garrison School Board members spent extra time talking about student and parent relationships. The board discussed the actions of fans, students and parents. Codes of conduct in the Garrison Public School District’s Athletic Handbook were addressed.
The discussion comes on the heels of a recent incident involving three parents and a handful of Washburn students at the District 10 Girls Basketball Tournament. Discussion also included the conduct of parents and fans at other sporting events this past season.
Board members said they are in full agreement that Superintendent Nick Klemisch acted appropriately and within his duties dealing with the matter at the girls tournament.
“You have our support,” said board member John Crawford.
Members wondered if language in the code of conduct in the handbook should be more defined.
Board members admit current handbook language should be stronger as to what is expected of fans and parents, recommending creating stricter guidelines.

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