April 2, 2009

Fargo patients arrive at Garrison facilities

Fargo patients arrive at Garrison facilities
Over the past several weeks, the city of Fargo has wrestled with a huge task – to keep the swollen Red River from drowning homes and businesses.
The battle has been partially successful. Even though flooding has occurred and hundreds of families had to be evacuated, many areas in the flood plain have been protected.
Late last week, officials took measures to ensure the safety of some of Fargo’s most vulnerable residents.
This past Friday, Gov. John Hoeven issued an executive order that directed Fargo hospitals at immediate risk to evacuate in advance of possible flooding. Hoeven’s order was prompted by the N.D. State Health Department’s Declaration of a Public Health Emergency.
In response to the health declaration and executive order, plans were made to evacuate Merit Care Hospital and Triumph Hospital.

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