May 18, 2016

Farm Rescue provides relief in times of crisis


Leading up to an extensive neck surgery, Mike Melhoff had no idea how he was going to get his crop in the ground this spring. After a suggestion from his brother, Chip, Mike decided to call in the recruits and apply for Farm Rescue.

"It’s been a big stressful spring time for me. It went from last fall, this flared up, even though I’ve had it for years, last fall it hit me real hard," he said. "I’ve been doctoring all winter."

Mike had four vertebra in his neck fused.

"Things were getting very stressful, with these guys coming and getting things done, it is going to be a huge relief. The next few days it is going to take a big load off me," he said. "Then I think the pressure is going to be off and my neck will feel a little better, I think I have been pushing it too hard."

Farm Rescue - two volunteers, Ken Chyle, from Kentucky and Emil Daranko, of Illinois, started working in the field on May 10 and were hoping to finish Mike - approved 800 acres by the last Friday.

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